1. A priority of my orthodontic practice will be the maintenance and improvement of both oral and general health of the patients.
  2. Based on regular hygiene evaluations and in accordance with the wishes of the primary care dentist, I will make referrals for cleanings (minimum four per year while in active orthodontic care).
  3. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a first orthodontic evaluation at the age of seven. I wholeheartedly support this recommendation. However, I believe that there are only a few indications for early treatment including the following:
    1. Severe proclination of incisors
    2. Malocclusion in the presence of habits
    3. Crossbites
    4. Developing mandibular prognathism
    5. Other severe issues
    6. Poor self-image related to malocclusion
  4. A proper orthodontic diagnosis is the key to successful care. I will strive to ensure that the diagnosis is clear to the patient and referring dentist and that risks and benefits are well understood.
  5. Adult treatment can result in outstanding occlusion. I will take care to keep objectives of treatment oriented towards achieving the goals of the patient and the primary care provider.
  6. Changes in technique and technology affect the way treatment is rendered. I will endeavor to stay current on all treatment modalities and implement those that have been shown to result in better patient outcomes.
  7. Complex cases require the active participation of several specialties in coordination with the primary care provider. In these situations, I will make every effort possible to ensure that proper coordination occurs between all necessary providers.
  8. Outstanding orthodontic care can be provided in a way that makes that care affordable for most patients. My goal is to make every reasonable accommodation for patients so that treatment can be provided effectively in a timely manner.